The Crash Story

In December, 2000 our Fearless Leader (Randy), saw a pup get hit by a car that did not stop. Randy stopped to see how badly the dog was hurt. Some paramedics noticed this and also stopped and helped secure the dog to a board so Randy could take him to a vet without causing any more injury. The dog had a badly fractured leg, a broken hip and his pelvis was fractured in two places, but thankfully no internal injuries. Since he had no tags or microchip, we had our vet do what had to be done to put him back together and adopted him into our home and hearts. As a result of the circumstances of his entrance into our lives, we named him Crash and he has been with us ever since and has also become part of our logo. He comes to work at least a couple of days each week. He's "just a little spoiled". Since 2014, Crash has been overseeing the operation from the Rainbow Bridge.


Account Representatives:

Terri Walker | Farrah Parkins | Justin Waterson | Randy Harrill



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